Long Stretch on Reformer

AB Press Sitting on Stability Chair

Some of the benefits of Pilates include:

·     Increases flexibility and agility

·     Develops muscle strength

·     Reduces stress

·     Provides effective rehabilitation for injuries

·     Flattens abdominals and strengthens back muscles

·     Provides a gentle, low-impact, whole body workout

·     Increases energy, invigorates the body

·     Strengthens the mind-body connection

·     Alleviates back pain

·     Improves body posture and movement

Pilates (pronounced puh LAH teez) combines strength and flexibility training, using exercises that tone and condition the entire body. Particular attention is paid to building and developing the area of the body called the “powerhouse,” the core region of the body that includes the abdomen, pelvis, lower back and buttocks.  Pilates is an exercise discipline that works specific muscles by contracting, holding, and then releasing them. Each move starts at the abdomen with a focus on controlling stomach muscles.  Routines carefully alternate stretching and strengthening.  Pilates also creates a powerful mind-body connection, developed through proper breathing technique and concentration on smooth body movements to achieve better mental and physical health and reduce stress.

In addition, we have a variety of small equipment used for matwork including foam rollers, stability balls, BOSU balls, fitness circles, flex-bands, weights, and toning balls. The focus on muscular imbalances due to injury, postural problems or over straining makes pilates the ideal method to help train the muscles. Additional benefits include increased lung capacity, increased circulation through healthy breath patterns, strength, flexibility, coordination, posture and balance. Bone density and joint health also improve with this safe, weight bearing form of exercise, which also increases body awareness.

Pilates was developed by Joseph H. Pilates in the 1920’s.  He was a German gymnast and boxer, who became a nurse during World War I. He used pilates to assist hospitalized patients with their rehabilitative exercise program. He designed both exercise methods and equipment for immobilized patients and soldiers. Joseph believed that our physical and mental health are intertwined, so he designed his exercise program around key principles that supported this philosophy. These key principles are what makes pilates so amazingly effective.  Pilates has been found to be of great benefit to anyone seeking a higher level of fitness.  Today, pilates is practiced all over the world by thousands of people seeking the myriad of benefits of that it provides.

Roll Down with Obliques on Reformer

Hip Roll with Leg Extension on Foam Roller


Leg Raises on Barre

Teaser on Spine Corrector

 Breath of Vitali​ty, Inc.

Inverted Lower and Lift on Ladder Barrel

Tendon Stretch on Reformer

Pull Up on Cadillac

Leg Presses on Cadillac

Side Bends on Ladder Barrel

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Pilates has enabled clients of all fitness levels and ages to strengthen and tone muscles  much faster and safer than other forms of exercise.


We are a fully equipped facility with the following:

·     Reformers

·     Cadillac

·     Stability Chairs

·     Spine Correctors

·     Ladder and Arc Barrels

·     Spine Supporters